Recent Projects


My name is Manuel, I'm a sound designer for linear and non-linear media currently based in Austria.
I'm always on the lookout for new challenges, and it's my passion to help people bring their projects to life with immersive sound design and lively foley.
When I'm not designing sound or running/cutting foleys, you can probably find me implementing audio into games, or out in the field recording new material.

I'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact me!

Past Projects

Game & Art
Procedural Terrain Generator in Unity Unity3D Plugin
Granular Sound Synthesis in Unity Unity3D Plugin
Overdrive - an Anti-Gravity-Racer Prototype (GameDesign, Sound Design, ...)
Sound Installation at Museumspavillon im Mirabellgarten Technical Audio Design
Electroacoustic conversations - Sound Installation (using transducer microphones to let visitors listen to every-day electronic devices)
Balance: Multimedia Art Installation Generative Sound Design
SURFACE - sound control Software-, Hardware Development
Sail and Run Sound Design, Foley (50min)
Universum: Lungau – Wildnis im Herzen der Tauern Foley Artist (45min)
Climb Every Mountain Sound Design (45min)
Salzburg 200 Dialogue Edit (15min)
Red Bull: Ultimate Rush S05 EP 1-7 Sound Design, Foley (7x25min)
Red Bull: Ultimate Rush S04, EP 1-10 Sound Design, Foley (10x25min)
Red Bull: Creators of Tomorrow EP 6-10 Dialogue Edit (4x25min)
Speed Sound Design, Foley (45min)
Roraima - Climbers of the Lost World Sound Design, Foley (45min)
Braving the Inga Rapids Sound Design, Foley (45min)
Angel Wings Sound Design, Foley (45min)
Host g'heat? G'redt und g'lebt im Ennstoi Productionsound, Sound Design, Mix (10min)
Greenland Sound Design (45min)
Steirerkreuz Foley Edit (90min)
Herbst Sound Design, Foley Edit (90min)
Zingerle Foley (45min)
Die Toten von Salzburg Ep 5 Sound Design, Foley Edit (90min)
Die Toten von Salzburg Ep 4 Foley Edit (90min)
Blind Ermittelt Foley Edit (90min)
Der beste Papa der Welt Foley Edit, additional Sound Design (90min)
Im Takt der Erinnerung Foley Edit (90min)
Steirerkind Foley Edit, Spot Sound Effects (90min)
Die Muse des Mörders Foley Edit (90min)
Kebab Extrascharf Foley Edit (90min)
Pregau 1-4 Foley Edit (4x90min)
Die Toten von Salzburg Foley Edit (90min)
Kleine Große Stimme Foley Edit (90min)
Meine fremde Frau Foley Edit (90min)
Das Traumhotel - Marrakesch (2013-2014) Sound Design, Foley Edit (90min)
Beautiful Girl Foley Edit (90min)
Ein Sommer Im Burgenland Foley Edit (90min)
Moloch (Short) Foley (15min)
Tatort - Grenzland Foley Edit (90min)
Frei Foley Edit (90min)
Mord in bester Gesellschaft - In Teufels Küche Foley Edit (90min)
Der Wagner Clan Foley Edit (90min)
Schon wieder Henriette Foley Edit (90min)
Medcrimes (Pilot) Foley Edit (90min)
Helden Foley Edit (90min)
Steirerblut Dialogue Edit, Foley Edit (90min)
Soleils Welt Sound Design, Foley, Mix (15min)
Tod in den Bergen Foley Edit (90min)
Die Schöne und das Biest Foley Edit (90min)
Lilly Schönauer - Weiberhaushalt Dialogue Edit, Foley Edit, additional Sound Design (90min)
Die nervöse Großmacht Foley Edit (90min)
Reichsgründung Foley Edit (90min)
Elli gibt den Löffel ab Foley Edit (90min)
Lilly Schönauer - Liebesgrüße aus der Vergangenheit Sound Design (90min)
Europas letzter Sommer Dialogue Edit (90min)
Der Weg zur Macht Dialogue Edit (90min)
Lilly Schönauer - Liebe auf den zweiten Bck Foley Edit (90min)
Das Kartenspiel (short) Dialogue Edit (90min)
Alles ausser Liebe Foley Edit (90min)