Overdrive - an anti-gravity-racing mini-game!


Overdrive is a prototype for a fast-paced antigravity-racing game and has been built from scratch in Unity3D, without using any external assets or code
Audio is implemented via FMod 1.10

As it is common in the genre of anti-gravity-racing, the vehicle generates it’s own gravitational field, that aligns itself to the ground. This allows for a very dynamic racetrack-design, with steep banks or upside-down segments, and gives the vehicle it’s unique handling. If it looses contact with the ground, it realigns with conventional gravity (which means that there could be sections in which you wouldn’t want to loose ground-contact!). Activating the "Unsuspend Antigravity"-option allowes you to actively control when gravity is applied to your vehicle! (use it for example to faster drift through banking turns, or get additional acceleration on downward slopes!)

Straving left-right gives you additional control over your position on the racetrack, and also tightens your turn radius a bit!

The overdrive boost is a special game-mechanic. What it does is, that whenever your vehicles engine runs on overdrive, meaning it runs faster than it’s default speed maximum, it charges your overdrive-booster. This will give you an additional speed boost by pushing the spacebar or the x button on your controller - which in turn also recharges your overdrive-booster!

Download OverDrive 0.28 (Windows)