Granular-Synthesiser for Unity3D


Granulator takes small "grains" of a sound-file and plays them at a specified interval, creating patterns that range from spherical to completely chaotic, while maintaining the organic character of the original sound source.


Grain Synthesis presents a quick and simple way to create audio randomizations.
You can for example use a single ambience recording, and the Synth will pick random snippets of sound wheave them together into an everchanging soundscape. (example included!) Another application would be sound design for very dynamic engine sounds. All you need is a single audio-file that ranges from idle to full throttle, and control the position, and maybe the pitch of the grains according to the current engine-load. (There is an example for this in the project aswell!)

How to use it

. set a soundfile
. set the maximum number of simultanious voices
. set grain position
. set grain length
. set time between grains
. set grain pitch
. randomize everything
. have fun!


You can download and test the example unity project HERE